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You can generate 10-12Torr vacuum within 24 hours

Conduction Heating NEG pump [NEW]

• New NEG Pump made of Al(9%)Cu alloy chamber.
• Eliminates vacuum feedthrough.
• Simple, compact, safe, long life & inexpensive.
• Low outgassing materials and construction.
• Can easily design one with >10,000(L/s) pumping speed.
• Can design as an all pump surface for the bottom.
• Easily generate XHV with Entrapment pump.
• Standard products: ICF 114, 152, 203.

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0.2%BeCu alloy CF flange & Chamber

• Ultra-low outgassing vacuum chamber,
 < 1/100 of stainless steal.
• Reach 10-10 Torr range without baking !
• Reach 10-12 Torr with 200℃ bakeout !

Magical Nipple

• Nipple made of 0.2%BeCu alloy material
• Special inside surface treatment using BeO thin film.
• Reduces outgassing from hot-filament.
• Use with BA and extractor gauges.
• Reduce gauge reading by 1/5 to 1/8.

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XHV pressure gauge (3BG) head

• Reduces X-ray limit to achieve 10-14 Torr
• 0.2%BeCu alloy body.
• High sensitivity sensor.
• Unique grid & filament with 230 deg. deflector.
• 3BG works with Leybold's IM540 controller.
• Size: ICF070.

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WATMASS Ultra-low Outgassing RGA

• Excellent for gas analysis of samples in sealed systems, such as MEMS, semiconductors, new materials.
• Enables ultra-high residual gas analysis. < 1/10,000 the outgassing rate of ordinary RGA.
• 0.2%BeCu alloy RGA housing.

Entrapment Pump

• Easily generate XHV with a CH-NEG & support pump.
• Effective for He & Ar gases
• Very low outgassing pump.
• Improves by 1~2 orders lower than NEG pump alone.
• 0.2%BeCu alloy
• Size: ICF070.